Season to Taste’s services target the common challenges that organizations face.  We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach, so we work hard to understand our clients and provide custom support that helps drive them forward.

Mis en Place

Good chefs know that a quality meal starts with “putting in place” the proper ingredients.  Season to Taste’s Mis en Place Analysis is a survey of the current state of an organization or idea.  The focus is on refining understanding of value proposition, financial position, current goals and implementation tactics.  We HIGHLY recommend that all new clients start here.  Even the seemingly simplest of projects benefit from some initial analysis of the business as a whole.  

Research and Analysis

Gathering and organizing data takes time.  Most growing organizations do not have the capacity to effectively vet new ideas or effectively push valuable projects forward.  Season to Taste leverages a robust network to gather, refine, and put good data to work so it can flower into sustainable projects including:

  • Feasibility studies and opportunity analysis
  • Stakeholder development and activation
  • Implementation plans

Financial Planning

A sustainable business is a profitable business.  Period.  It isn’t hard to get consumers interested in new products.  However, it is incredibly difficult to create products/services that are profitable and scalable.  Season to Taste provides a variety of services to support the financial stability of your organization including:

  • Production costing and product pricing
  • Projections and budget analysis
  • Grant writing, investor strategies, and other capital acquisition

Brand and Marketing Strategy

A quality product is not enough.  Products need stories and stories need storytellers.  We’ve found that many growing food businesses don’t have the capacity to market themselves effectively.  Season to Taste helps build and manage marketing campaigns that are efficient and create tangible ROI.  Our work covers:

  • Market research and planning
  • Social media management
  • PR and collaborative campaigns

Project Management

Sometimes a business just needs someone to “get it done”.  New projects often benefit from an outside perspective to drive things forward.  Season to Taste is available to manage or provide advisory and tools for projects such as:

  • Outside sales
  • Event planning and management
  • New product, service, or organizational development