Who doesn’t love good food and drink?  Culinary experiences, from the ordinary to divine, shape our lives in a substantial way.  Every day more and more people realize the real importance of food and its essential place in our lives.  Communities are looking inward and building regional food economies to nourish themselves, not just literally, but financially.  As consumers begin to demand delicious products and experiences that are produced with a commitment to health and sustainability, a new generation of business is sprouting.  Small regional food and beverage producers are popping up all over the country that put social and environmental impact on par with profitability.  Season to Taste exists to help these businesses cultivate value for all of their stakeholders.


Micah Elconin, President

Micah leverages 15 years of experience as a sales manager, food entrepreneur, non-profit manager, analyst, teacher, professional chef and amateur gardener to provide value for regional food businesses.  Micah holds an MBA from the University of Oregon, BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara and dual certificates from Bauman College.  He’s also an avid rock climber and route developer with many first ascents in the Willamette Valley.

Past projects include:

  • Leading and growing sales by 50% between 2015 and 2016 at Harvest Santa Barbara, a wholesale local and organic produce distributor servicing the Central Coast of California.
  • Contributor to The Beachbody Blog covering nutrition, fitness and wellness.
  • Development and launch of Sprout!, a 12,000 square foot regional food hub that includes incubator kitchen, business support services, year round farmers market, office and event space.
  • Creation of “Lane Country Food Makes Dollars and Sense”, a local foods marketing campaign implemented by Willamette Farm and Food Coalition.
  • Consulting for Nutiva, one of the fastest growing natural foods businesses in the country.
  • Consulting for BRING recycling, an organization that helps people understand how the stuff we use shapes the planet we share.
  • Founding and managing The Educated Vegetable, a personal chef service focused on seasonal plant based cuisine and therapeutic applications.  Past clients include Will Smith, David Crosby, and Noah Wyle.