Top 20 Movies You Can Name By Hearing Just One Line. Helping the poor and fallen, yet again. Marilyn Chambers: Right, no Razoos. Dexter: What do you want from me, evil half-sibling? And... and they say that I should call a friend. Steven Matheson: [Dodge has returned to the bay and Steven confronts him] Why did you come back? Donald Fisher: Ye... Loyalty doesn't come into it. I, I didn't do any... Michael: Where were you goin' last night that you couldn't take Sam? Karen Dean: [reading a Limerick she wrote] There was an old teacher named Stone; The worst one we've ever known. Carly Morris: I hope that's not the best Summer Bay can offer. John: But there'll be other girls.Some of them'll break your heart and I'm pretty sure you'll break a few hearts too.Love's never simple. – y’know so I remember as a kid thinking it was funny and so that’s where that came from. Don: Uh, Alf. VJ: Elijah always said to turn the other cheek when kids are mean. Nice doing business with you, boys. Jack Holden: You *always* make a difference. That bed was in *perfect* condition when it

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