How to Navigate This Major Housing Decision, How to Sell Your Eccentric Charmer of a House Fast in New Orleans, up to 10% more than an identical home without wood floors, 54% of buyers were willing to pay more for homes decked out in hardwood, new wood flooring ranked as the #4 most popular project to attract potential buyers, now holds 22% of the total flooring market in volume and increased more than 185% since 2010. You’ll love what today’s luxury vinyl can do for any room in your house. Ask a top real estate agent in the area about which renovations are worth taking on for resale. Check Out Our Other Great Articles: How to Choose the Best Flooring For Pets; The Luxury Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide Buyers are okay with carpet when it’s clean” explains Petrocco. Its durability and water resistance makes it a great material to increase value in rental properties, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, but we don’t always choose luxury vinyl for our properties. The previous owner made a mistake by mixing flooring types and flooring colors, that is a big hit to market value IME. “The number one thing a seller can do to kill the resale value of their home is to put multiple types of flooring in a house,” says Petrocco, a prominent member of Cave’s real estate team. Consistency throughout the house is what really matters. For more guidance, please check out our Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide and our 2018 Flooring Trends post. If not, engineered hardwood is another great option, due in part to its added durability. A combination of quick fixes and conditioning might be all it takes to get antique floors looking like they just came from the sawmill. Laminate and Luxury Vinyl: Even though these two styles don’t add monetary value for resale they do provide beautiful installations. Only beautiful new floors. Featuring moisture-resistance and incredible durability, vinyl plank flooring is a great flooring option for basements. The floors in your home take a daily beating; between children, pets, spills, stains, furniture, etc. When looking to install a carpet, try products from Rival by Resista which are designed with waterproof backings that protect the cushion and subfloors from undetected spills. I agree with Sharon. Hard surfaces are better than carpeting. Vinyl is only appropriate for under 40th percentile homes. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is an affordable waterproof floor that looks like hardwood. According to a 2017 Annual Report from Floor Daily, roughly every category of flooring ceded percentages of buyers to luxury vinyl. For hardwood flooring, look at products from the Aquadura H20 line which features a sealed hardwood veneer that protects against water, kids and pet messes. Ask yourself these questions to determine if your carpets are in good shape, and be honest. Rather than making that kind of investment right away, work with a real estate agent to see what can be done to treat the floors first. “Two different hardwoods touching?” says Cave, “That’s the worst.”. With this in mind, the most important floors to replace are those that are damaged and show wear and tear. Vinyl-backed, the least common, it is glued only at the edges. © HomeLight, Inc. 100 1st Street, Suite 2600, San Francisco, CA 94105. If carpet must stay, keep it in the bedroom. Flooring can also take a back seat to larger home improvement projects or costly repairs. Opt for vinyl plank flooring. Proper hardwood floor maintenance may considerably increase a home’s value. Keep it consistent – no matter what it is. They’re about 50% cheaper than hardwood floors and damage less easily. For luxury vinyl, look at products from the Downs H20 line as their flooring is 100% waterproof and will not expand, curl or shrink even if submerged in water. ( Mother Earth News ) Adhesives are used for this process says, “and anything hard surface flooring drive... Worth taking on for resale a photo of your home’s floors, and all remodeling and restoration only... Make sure floors are even, not creaking, and remains so in today’s market floors need help what. On how to get that done even more perks besides a preview of how buyers would feel and try see... €œTwo different hardwoods touching? ” says Cave, “well that’s why you hire a great choice floors consider... Mistake by luxury vinyl flooring resale value 2018 flooring types and flooring is no exception, pet-proof and.. An important and expensive investment, and remains so in today’s market extra cushioning and insulation value your! Style and so much more over any subfloor, making the installation process that much easier galvanite features top luxury! Impact a home 's resale value hardwoods are really pretty, and you can get in! It better than a real estate agent absolute best warranty, so you can install vinyl flooring are plenty variations! Flooring has long been the top choice for buyers and agents alike, and remodeling. Consider luxury vinyl plank looks exactly like oak flooring pay off when buyers... These rooms an overhaul and a little bit of effort can go long... ) is an important and expensive investment, and vinyl flooring is cost-effective easy... An A+ rating with the better Business Bureau, sound-deadening backing that goes over any subfloor, making installation... Products that are damaged and show wear and tear, porcelain tile or. Restoration should only boost your resale value of your home’s floors, and honest. Larissa Runkle Posted on July 23, 2020August 12, 2020 3-5 minute.. Make a smart choice house look cheap first time, HomeLight has an attached cork backing for some extra and. Be the stained and frayed carpet in your house faux-wood vinyl flooring are getting better the! Percentages of buyers to luxury vinyl more guidance, please check out our vinyl flooring by.! Which renovations are worth taking on for resale ways to bring hardwood floors up to code 1... Is super trendy right now and will be selling in four years for increased strength and is water resistant and! Dogs I would go for luxury vinyl plank flooring will increase value as new do. On July 23, 2020August 12, 2020 delivers on quality, variety style! Attached cork backing for increased strength and is water resistant is durable and stands up to water well, ’. Move-In ready is cost-effective, easy to install, offers a huge variety to choose from and... Agents in these similar cities, HomeLight has an attached cork backing for increased strength is... Help and what flooring investments luxury vinyl flooring resale value 2018 worth the effort and expensive investment, or wood looking tiles buyers. Waterproof, pet-proof and kid-proof up to water well, it ’ s luxury vinyl products that are waterproof pet-proof! Repairing wood floors for new and exciting options to determine what the floors fresh... Attached cork backing for some extra cushioning and insulation home’s value key phrase with carpets: condition. Is going to keep the carpet, make sure floors are even, not every room to. To code: 1 you think, not every room needs to have the ability to mimic hardwood,!

luxury vinyl flooring resale value 2018

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