We don’t work with just anybody.  Our clients produce some of the best products and services on the planet and they do so with a commitment to their community and respect for the natural environment.   We are proud to partner with these talented artisans, entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture coordinates numerous programs to help strengthen and empower producers.  The organization remains able to serve the changing needs of Oregon’s diverse agricultural and food sectors to maintain and enhance a healthy natural resource base and strong economy in rural and urban communities across the state.​

FOOD For Lane County

Food For Lane County is a nonprofit food bank dedicated to reducing hunger by engaging the Southern Willamette Valley community to create access to food.  The organization accomplishes it’s work by soliciting, collecting, rescuing, growing, preparing and packaging food for distribution through a network of more than 150 partner agencies and distribution sites; through public awareness, education and community advocacy; and through programs designed to improve the ability of low-income individuals to maintain an adequate supply of wholesome, nutritious food.

Oregon Organic Hazelnut Cooperative

The Oregon Organic Hazelnut Cooperative (OOHC) formed in early 2017 to explore opportunities to grow the Organic hazelnut industry in Oregon by strengthening crop management practices, improving organic processing options, and increasing demand for Oregon Organic hazelnuts through collaborative marketing projects. 

Eugene Regional Accelerator

The Eugene Regional Acclerator connects the local innovation ecosystem surrounding the University of Oregon and the cities of Eugene and Springfield with the entrepreneurial community to create high impact, innovative, traded-sector companies that can grow and thrive in our community.

Deck Family Farm

Deck Pig

Deck Family Farm’s number one goal is to raise healthy happy animals using organic methods. They have implemented a pasture-based system with the goal of providing a natural habitat that mimics the natural environment.  As a certified organic operation, they rely on natural cycles to build soil fertility and never use hormones or antibiotics.

Cultivate Bend

Cultivate Bend is a 501(c)(6) trade organizations that launched in 2020.  The organization helps connect Central Oregon food and beverage producers and fosters success through advocacy and education.



ColorKitchen is reinvigorating food coloring and deco products with a fresh exciting brand and premium all natural colors.  They are inspiring home bakers and families to create colorful foods that they enjoy, not avoid, during festivities.  ColorKitchen’s mission is to see the end of artificial coloring in the foods we eat.

Red Duck Foods

Red duck Field

Red Duck Foods produces premium organic condiments.  Seeking to create excitement in a category that is often undervalued, they leverage truly vine ripened tomatoes produced by small to medium sized farms, natural sweeteners, and exotic spices to create sauces with bold flavors and superior nutrition.  The result is a product line that elevates meals in unexpected ways.

Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales is a hop farm brewery located just north of Coburg, OR.  They produce truly handcrafted beer in the farmhouse style using exclusively estate grown hops, organic grains and other local ingredients.  Their commitment to traditional brewing methods means that beers change seasonally and are only produced in limited quantities.

Lola’s Fruit Shrubs

lolas photo

Lola’s Fruit Shrubs produces artisan drinking vinegars (shrubs) using premium organic ingredients.  Handmade in Eugene OR, they seek out the best fruits, vegetables and herbs the region has to offer to create an assortment of seasonal flavors.   Shrub’s sweet and sour nature make them ideal cocktail mixers.  Sip Magazine calls them “the next big thing.”



SeedTabs wants to see more people growing food.  Their theory is that if growing were as easy as buying coffee, that more people would do it.  So they developed a product to demystify gardening and simplify the process for new gardeners in urban settings.  Find SeedTabs on coffee and cafe counters in the Bay Area and beyond.

Salt Fire and Time

DSC_3704 small

Salt, Fire & Time gathers ingredients from local farmers to make nourishing food products, pantry items and healing supplements for the greater Portland area.  Their core products are bone broths and kombucha.  They are passionate about helping people return to a personally sustainable relationship with food.